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A critical view of Islam

1) Islam takes advantage of previous liars who pretended to be prophets of “God”. Every new ‘liar’ would try to find better ways to deceive the public. One of the earliest liar was the caveman who boasted about being able to talk to the Rain God. If everyone obeyed him, he would make sure Rain would fall on their crops. Mohammed the Liar was an advanced version of this caveman – like Windows XP, as compared to MS DOS.

2) Islam makes use of humankind’s; age old fear of fire:

The (Un)Holy Quran keeps repeating threats of Hellfire to anyone who doesn’t obey Allah, the false God.

Desire to live an eternal life after they have died (the survival instinct)

Desire to believe in a God, who will listen to their problems, and provide justice to them if they have been violated in any way. belief in a God reassures humankind that there is someone who is powerful, responsible and ‘good’ who will take care of them, now in this life, and then in the ‘afterlife’.

Men’s almost insatiable desire for sex – by promising believing men to be rewarded with beautiful women in paradise (Quran 44:54).

‎3) Islam makes use of man’s high vulnerability to develop low self-esteem and their tendency to keep it in the system.

The low self-esteem can be created by abuse in younger years, and is almost always passed on to next generations. Islam is a system that further degrades Humans and pushes them down the low self-esteem trap by:

a) telling the believer that they have no right to live life their own way, and are only infact, a slave of Allah, who they must obey in order to avoid Hellfire.

b) giving lesser self-esteem to women (advising a man to beat his wife [Qur’an 4:34], lesser testimonial rights [Qur’an 4:11], covering up in a veil as if she can only be a sex object [various Hadith and Qur’an] etc.). Women with low self-esteem will raise children who have low self-esteem as well. Once low self-esteem enters a family system, its hard to build it up, because nature shows that Destruction is easy, while Construction is hard and takes more time.

Islam is the worst plague to have hit humanity. The Bubonic plague physically killed 25 million people in Europe in the 1300’s. Islam is a more serious illness, which has mentally infected about 1 billion people and continues to effect the rest of the 5 billion population of Earth. The religion is very destructive and dangerous, and threatens peace on Earth.

Source – apostatesofislam.com


About Bjorn EnFiddle

I used to believe in Islam and recite the Quran without knowing a single meaning of the words. Today I am an apostate of Islam, and today i read the Quran and Hadith to know more about Islam. The more I learn the more I hate Islam. I do not believe in a god who has emotional problems over the actions of humans. I do not believe in a god who would ask to kill, and treat women like a sex toy.


2 thoughts on “A critical view of Islam

  1. Narrated Anas bin Malik on the authority of the Prophet (pbuh), who said: Allah (sw) will say to the least tormented person among the people of Hell on the Day of Resurrection: Do you have any thing on earth, that you would give as a ransom (to protect yourself against the torment of Fire)? He will say: Yes. Then Allah will say: While you were in the backbone of Adam, I had demanded you much less than that, i.e. to associate nothing with Me; but you declined and worshiped others besides Me.

    Posted by callodus | August 13, 2011, 8:27 AM

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