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Muhammed, Women in Islam

Mohammad’s wives

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was the first wife of ...

Muhammed's First Wife Khadijah - Image via Wikipedia

(1)   Khadijah Bint. Khuwaylid: Khadija was the employer of Mohammad. Her father was killed in a battle. She was a business lady and wealthy. Mohammad was 25 and she was 40 when they got married. Khadija had two previous marriages before marrying Mohammad. That is, Mohammad was her third husband. Mohammad had his first revelation when he was 40 and Khadija was 55. They had the togetherness of 15 years. Khadija bore all the children of Mohammad. She died in December 619 A.D. at the age of 65. Muhammad did not have to work, as long as Khadija was live.

(2)   Saudah Bint. Zama: She was neither young nor beautiful. She was the right lady to take care of Mohammad’s young children after the death of Khadijah. They got married in 620 A.D. She was middle aged, plump, jolly and of kindly disposition. She was a widow. She lived on until the end of time of Umor. Mohammad married Sauda when he was 53 and she was 50 almost same time when he married Aisha. It is stated that Sauda “gave” her “nights” to Ayesha to have him for sex (http://www.islamic-paths.org/Home/English/Muhammad/Book/Wives/Chapter-02.htm). That meant that old Sauda was a maid servant while young Ayesha was for sex,

(3) Ayesha Bint Abu Bakar Al-Siddiq: Mohammad married Aisha 3 years before migration to Medina. She was 6 years old when the prophet married her and he consummated the marriage when she turned 9 years. She was the only virgin woman in Mohammad’s life. She transmitted 2000 hadiths. When the prophet died, she was 18 years old. She died at the age of 57.

(4)   Hafsah Bint Umar: Hafsah was the daughter of Caliph Umor. She was first married to Khunais Ibn alkhattab. She became a widow at the age of 18. She married Mohammad in 635 A.D (13 A.H) 3 months after migration. She was 20 years and Mohammad was 56 years when they got married. She lived with Mohammad for 8 years. She died in 47 A.H. (668 A.D.) at the age of 63.

(5)   Zainab Bint Khuzaima: Her first husband, Abdullah bin Jahsh died in the battle of Uhud.  Therefore, Mohammad married her. He married her soon after his marriage to Hafsah. She was 30 and Mohammad was 56 when they got married. She died very soon after the marriage.

(6)   Umm Salam Hind Bint. Abi Umayya: Her first husband was Abd. B. Abdul Asad. They got married in 626 A.D. (4 A.H.) when she was 29. She had 4 children (Salama, Umar, Zaynab, Darra) from her previous marriage. She had to take care of her children. Her son was Salama. She was with Mohammad for 7 years. She outlived all other wives of Mohammad. She died in 61 A.H. at an age of 84.

(7)   Zainab Bint Jahsh: Her original name was Barra. She married Mohammad in 5 A.H. (627 A.D).  She was 35 and Mohammad was 58 when they were married. She was originally married to Zayed (Muhammad’s adopted son) and Mohammad himself arranged that marriage. She was the first cousin of Mohammad. Zainab’s mother Umayma was the daughter of Abdul Muttalib, Mohammad’s grandfather. One day the prophet (saw) “beheld in a loose undress, the beauty of Zainab, and burst wanted to have her”. The grateful adopted son Zayed bin Harith then divorced Zainab to clear the way for the prophet to marry her. Special revelations were made to sanctify the marriage (33:37,53) that permits the Muslims to marry an adopted son’s wife. However, this is absurd when Islam forbids adoption of children (33:4,5,37). Mohammad claims that Allah Himself performed his nikah with her. She was 35 when Mohammad married her. Ayat of hijab (33:53-56) was also revealed after the feast of their marriage. Zainab was a very independent lady. She used to earn her own living by selling leather products and was not dependent on Mohammad for his charity. By marrying Zainab Bint, Jahsh Mohammad demonstrated that it is permissible to marry a first cousin. She died in 20 A.H. (641 A.D.).  She was the first wife to die after Mohammad’s death.

(8)   Juwairiah Bint. Al-Harith: She was taken as a captive in a raid. That is, she was part of spoils of war in the battle against Banu Mustaliq. Her father was the chief of Banu Mustaliq. She was taken as a captive by a soldier named Thabit Ibn Qais. She was extremely beautiful. Some claim that Mohammad bought her from Thabit. Mohammad married her in 5 A.H. (627 A.H.), when he was 58 and she was 20. The marriage took place after Mohammad’s marriage to Zainab Bint Jahsh. She was married to Mohammad for 6 years. She lived for another 39 years after Mohammad’s death. She died in 50 A.H. (670 A.H.) at an age of 65. She was Jewish.

( 9)  Safiyah Bint Huyay: She was a war booty. She was taken a captive after the   slaughter in Khybar. In that battle, she lost her father, recently married husband and all other close relatives. This captured Jewish woman was given to a Muslim soldier called Dahia. However, when Mohammad saw her exquisite beauty she immediately bought her from Dahia and proposed to marry her. She was in a state of shock when brought to Mohammad. Safiyah’s cousin sister was also brought along with Safiyah but Mohammad was not interested in her cousin as she was not that pretty. Safiyah had no choice but to marry Mohammad to save her life. She was 17 years old when she married the 60 years old Mohammad. She was with Mohammad for 4 years. She was 21 when the prophet of Islam died. She lived as a widow for the next 39 years. She died in 50 A.H  (673 A.D.) at the age of 60.

(10)   Umm Habibah Ramla Bint Abu Sufyan Ibn Sakhr: She was sent to Ethiopia during the migration of the first handful of Muslims to Ethiopia. The King of Ethiopia, Negas presented her to Mohammad as a wife. She was married to the prophet in  (1 A.H.) proxy by Negas. She was 35 and the prophet was 60 at the time of marriage. She came to live with Mohammad in 7 A.H. (629 A.D.).  Her first husband was Ubaydullah Ibn Jahsh. He was the brother of Zainab Bint. Jahsh. Ubaydullah became a Christian while in Ethiopia; so, she had a divorce. Mu’awiya was her brother. She spent 4 years of her life with Mohammad and continued living another 33 years. She died at the age of 72 in 44 A.H.

(11)  Mariyah al-Qibtiyaa: She was a Coptic sex slave. The King of Egypt gave her to Mohammad as a slave. Mohammad married her when she was 20 and he was 60. She was extremely beautiful and gave birth to a son whom Mohammad named Ibrahim. Ibrahim died at infancy at an age of 18 months (some sources say 10 months). Mariyah spent 3 years of her life with Mohammad.

(12) Maimunah (or Barra) Bint. Al Harith: Mohammad married her when he was 60 and she was 36 in 629 A.D. (7 A.H). Zainab Bint Khuzaima was her half sister. She was the last woman the prophet married due to the restriction imposed on him by Allah (33:50, 33:52). She lived with Mohammad for just 3 years. After Mohammad died, Maimunah lived for another 40 years. She died at an age of 80 (51 A.H.). She was Mohammad’s last wife to die.

Other women in Mohammad’s life

(13) Rayhana: She was not a real wife. She was a booty from a battle. She was a Jewish girl of extreme beauty; so, Mohammad proposed to marry her.  However, she refused to covert to Islam and marries Mohammad. Therefore, she became a sex slave of Mohammad. However, in many places we get that he married her.

(14) Duba Bint Amr: She was among the most beautiful of Arab women. Her hair was very long to cover her entire body (Ibn Saad, al-Tabaqat, p 153). Mohammad was attracted to her and asked her son’s permission to marry her. But the prophet backed out from the marriage proposal when he heard that although very beautiful Duba was aging.

(15) Fatima  (16) Hend (17) Asma (of Saba) (18) Habla

(19) Asma (of Noman): The prophet discovered that she was suffering from leprosy. He did not consummate the marriage.

(20) Omm Sharik  (21) Maymuna (not of Hareth) (22) Zainab (third) (23) Khawla

(24) Amrah Bint Yazeed: She became a Muslim a very short period before her marriage

to the prophet. When she arrived at Medina and saw the prophet, she appealed to Allah for refuge from the prophet. The prophet sent her back to her people.

Besides the first 12 wives, Mohammad married many other women but did not consummate the marriage. All together, he had 28 women in his life. He was 62 when he left this mortal world.


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