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A conversation with an islamic sharia law student

شفزان بن أحمد الندلي

‏ I am not a Sheikh, but I am a man who calls for Islam. So if you wanted to ask any questions you can ask me. Sisiter I just want to help you see the light of Islam again. Everything you think that you know about islam might not be correct. 

I am a Law and Islamic Sharia student. I study in Egypt. So let’s have a friendly dialogue about your views and ethics. And I will keep the dialogue as a secret that I take to my grave with me. And you should also keep it a secret. So Sister will you accept my offer?

Bjorn EnFiddle 

i thank you very much and welcome you to this discussion, i have waited sometime for this. and do not worry i respect you for who you are, my language will not be offensive. i have many many question, and hope you can bear with me, and please do not judge for the questions i ask or the logic i see behind it.

these question’s are in no particular order. however we’ll discuss each one by one.

1. why is islam the one and only religion? why does a Buddhist monk who meditates in his cave goes hell when he dies just cos he did’t believe in allah?

شفزان بن أحمد الندلي‏ 

Let’s say that Allah created you and everyone and after that he ordered us to pray for him. And worship none other than him. If you believe that he is the creator isn’t he worth it? So when a budhist monk meditates he meditates with another entity. But he is given the freedom to worship whatever he wants in this world we have no right to kill him or force him into Islam. So it is clear that Allah showed the right path and he didn’t believe in it. He didn’t walk that path so he is given the punishment or the penalty for that.
Let’s say that I am a king and I ordered all of my subjects to get ready for a battle. But one went into a mosque and started praying. He didn’t come to join the forces will he be punished or not?
If you wouldn’t be offended could I ask you do you believe in Allah?

Bjorn EnFiddle 

when your born, your religion is according to your parents, and they defend their religion just like islam or any other religion, your saying showing the right path? he will believe in his mother and father and his society, and from that he believes that he is in the true religion, and it is only logic that he refuses all other religions, but a god would understand this, if so why is it said they will suffer? and most religions frown upon you studying other religions, every religion wants to have their head counts. i do not believe that one who does not know about it should be entitled to suffer. and what more, it is his choice to choose. but for that you cant be judged, islam says your book is already written, god is the author, am the reader, i dont know how the book will end but he knows, and if he does how can he accept one to make a choice that conflicts with whats been wrote in the book? it is not possible, its is no logical.

شفزان بن أحمد الندلي‏ 

Again Madam, I think that you need to learn Islam more. Knowing and forcing is different. If I knew that you would not become a Muslim it doesn’t mean that I forced you to be an atheist. So Allah knows very well what you would do. But he gave the choice for you not to do so. I am not a Muslim because my father and mother were. Then Islam will be a part of the culture. Islam calls us to think and learn about Islam. Some one who doesn’t have heard about Islam is given the punishment because he didn’t work to study and learn it. You see in European Islam is the fastest religion because it is LOGICAL.

 Bjorn EnFiddle 

am sorry to say this, but it is not logic for me, to have your book written, means all your choices are predestined, what ever you do it was ment to be, like hitler could not have been anyone except for what he was, since it was allah will, well i refuse that, and i dont believe in that. and i really dont care about europeans, as i dont believe in religions. and i said submission cos that is islam foundation, its not peace either, but you twist it, its submission, blind faith, sorry, cant do that, i think when we are askd not to, and i question him.

شفزان بن أحمد الندلي‏ 

See I told you the meaning of the book is that Allah knows what you will choose from the choices you have. But it doesn’t mean that he chose for you. So Allah gave Hitler the choice of becoming a good man or a dictator. But he chose to become a dictator. And Allah knew that he would make that choice. It is this much simple. And do you think any of us would know what was written for us? If not, we should always try to be the best we could. Yes islam means submission. But it is submission to Allah. To obey him. Not a human. So you think you came to be by your own choice? If not there must be a creator. If so you should believe in him.

Bjorn EnFiddle 

are you telling me that god is watching from above after writing down my life, and he is hoping that i will make different choices other than what he has wrote on my book? LOL!! that is childish thinking, and its absurd. sorry i cant believe in a god like that, who is expecting me to make choices when he already decided. tell me can i go against it? what every choice i make i made it cos it was ment to be, and like i said a predestined choice is not a choice at all

…to be continued, this student is preparing for his exam 🙂

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About Bjorn EnFiddle

I used to believe in Islam and recite the Quran without knowing a single meaning of the words. Today I am an apostate of Islam, and today i read the Quran and Hadith to know more about Islam. The more I learn the more I hate Islam. I do not believe in a god who has emotional problems over the actions of humans. I do not believe in a god who would ask to kill, and treat women like a sex toy.


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