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Four Wives At A Time

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First of all, I discuss the subject of “permission for having four wives”.  I fail to find out any positive aspect of this thing. Being a dweller of the same planet earth where Islam came into being 1400 years ago, I do know a little bit about human instincts, nature, behavior, etc.

I claim that a husband, does not matter what country or continent he comes from,  can never think or bear his wife’s sexual relations with some one else. It happens because of the possessive instinct/behavior of the human beings which equally exists in both the genders. Therefore, my question is, that how can a woman think or bear her husband’s sexual relations with some one else?

In addition, if we talk about sexual desire of the human beings, both the sexes are even. Just imagine the situation that a man having four wives fulfills his sexual desire of four times with four wives. How can each of the four wives satisfy their sexual desire of four times? Does it not look unnatural, illogical and discriminatory and violation of women’s rights?

It is a fact that sex is one of the primary instincts of human beings (male, female). It has been given so much importance but all with irrationality. I think it objectionable for two reasons. One—A large number of verses revealed wrongfully (ignoring women’s rights) in favor of sexual lust of male Muslims?  Whereas, lot of other important matters including religious tolerance, peace, equality, justice etc. are discussed with less or little emphasis. Two—there are millions of couples all over the world who married and spent whole life with each other. It is not understandable that why Muslim shave been permitted to marry as many as four women simultaneously and can keep countless maids with rightful permission to have sexual intercourse.

My Analysis:  What I understand there are two main reasons behind the permission to have four wives and countless female captives (maids) in Islam:

(i)—- obviously, for the sexual lust of men and to attract more and more people (men) to accept Islam. I would say that this was a kind of bribe offered to the men of a society which was male dominated.

(ii)—- To produce more and more children to maximize the strength of Muslims in a short span of time.

No one can deny that sex is one of the primary instincts and I think this can be done with just one wife, which is more feasible, logical, economical and based on equality. As I have stated above there are millions of couples around the world living happily and satisfactorily with regard to sex. Although, in this way, the Muslims have been able to increase themselves in numbers, yet they failed to establish themselves as good human beings and beneficial to others. Muslims could not visualize the bad impact of this rapid birth rate. Today, most of the problems like, social, health, education etc. are because of the growing population.

By: Zaa Brifd

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About Bjorn EnFiddle

I used to believe in Islam and recite the Quran without knowing a single meaning of the words. Today I am an apostate of Islam, and today i read the Quran and Hadith to know more about Islam. The more I learn the more I hate Islam. I do not believe in a god who has emotional problems over the actions of humans. I do not believe in a god who would ask to kill, and treat women like a sex toy.


One thought on “Four Wives At A Time

  1. The subject of 4 wives is wholly mistranslated to justify the immense libido of the corrupt sheikhs.
    The verse http://quran.mv/4/3 quotes polygamy is only permissible at certain worst case scenarios.
    At the very beginning of the verse, why does it talk about Orphans?? A widowed women cannot be in more trouble when she’s left alone with kids. To support those helpless widows, Islam has provided other men in the society to accommodate such women into their lives, not to full fill a wild sexual desire, rather to provide the orphans with a social security. And strictly this can only be done with the permission of the first wife of course.
    This is undeniably the whole theme of polygamy in Islam. If the above criteria is not met, then it is not allowed to marry women just to have some good sex.

    Posted by Axif | February 19, 2012, 4:38 PM

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