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Islamic Absurdities, Qur'an

Quran’s contradictions

How Was The Koran Revealed?

Who brought the revelation from Allah to Mohammed? One verse in Koran says that it was Gabriel, then in another we find that it was the ‘Holy Spirit’.

(Koran 2:97)
Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel- for he brings down
the revelation to thy heart….
(Koran 16:102)
The Holy Spirit has the brought the revelation from
thy Lord…
It is obvious that Mohammed forgot to cross check his revelations.

Was Noah’s Son Saved?

(Koran 21:76)
Noah, when he cried to US, aforetime: We listened to his paryer and delivered him and his family from great distress.

But the another verse says that Noah’s son drowned.

(Koran 11:42-43)

…And the waves came between them, and the son was among those overwhelmed in the Flood.

Jesus Was Born Under A Palm Tree?

(Koran 19:23)
And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk
of a palm tree: She (Mary) cried (in her anguish):
“Ah! would that I had died before this…”
So, the Koran claims that Jesus was under a palm tree which is in clear contradiction with numerous other scriptures of that time.

Is Wine Good Or Bad?

In one sura we find that wine is Satan’s handiwork.
(Koran 5:90)
…Intoxiacants (wine) and gambling…are of Satan’s

But then in other suras Koran says there are rivers of wine in Paradise.
(Koran 47:15)

Here is a Parable of the Garden which the righteous
are promised. In it are…rivers of wine…

My question is : how did Satan manage to introduce his handiwork in Paradise?

by Marcus Norton

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About Bjorn EnFiddle

I used to believe in Islam and recite the Quran without knowing a single meaning of the words. Today I am an apostate of Islam, and today i read the Quran and Hadith to know more about Islam. The more I learn the more I hate Islam. I do not believe in a god who has emotional problems over the actions of humans. I do not believe in a god who would ask to kill, and treat women like a sex toy.


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