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Where the monsters breed.

The crowded skyline of Malé

Male' Skyline - Image via Wikipedia

Maldives is in the grip of a crime wave. The most cruel actions, from murder, rape, physical and psychological violence, to kids sticking cats into abandoned stores and turning the key, just to watch them starve. The political scene is no better; criminals preying on the minds of the weak and gullible. There is no self-respect, honor and piety left in the hearts and minds of many of these people.

What separates a human being from a mindless, all-consuming ravenous monster?. The values of honor, empathy, the ability to act cooperatively with other human beings. The Islamic apologists of Maldives describes Maldives as a 100% Islamic nation, but that puts them in a very uncomfortable situation, because it brings up two very powerful questions.

  1. If Maldives was a 100% Muslim country, is Islam a cult of violence and degradation for them to behave like this?.
  2. If islam really taught compassion, peace, equality and honor, why is Maldives a hellhole of misery and despair of this level?.

We leave these questions in your mind, and focus on the subject at hand; where does the monster breed?.

I believe that they’re created in the ghettos of the most congested cities in the world. There was once a time when the greatest treasure in the universe was the unconditional love between a parent and child. Today, where the lies of the bearded foreign imperialists have taken root, a parent’s love is an instrument of control. Imagine a child bereft of that most greatest treasure in the universe, and brought up in a world where they were loved only as an ornament, or a bragging right. Remember the cases of infanticide that hit Maldives recently? A woman free from the lies of the colonialist Islamist was shaken so much by that news that she just held her grandson. What did the woman who wore the ‘kalhuburuga‘ do? Threaten her children to behave well, because she could have done the same to them. The same miserable life, day in and out, in a tiny house that would more resemble a cage; a cage held shut by brainwashed parents who think they can ‘withdraw all parental love’ on their whim.

That is what life is like for many of the children who live in this miserable city. For years, they suffer neglect, poverty and sorrow. Most of them turn into cruel, unfeeling monsters who hurt others on their own whims. Many others turn to something that can ‘wash away their pain’, heroin. Others become cruel, fast-talkers who have no problem swindling others out of their money.

A few manage to think things through. They realize that there is more to life than mutely following society’s expectations of them. Even though critical thinking was outlawed for more than 20 years.

And now you’re seeing the nihilistic wrath of those children who were raised as nothing but tools. You’re seeing the result of parents who don’t deserve to be parents getting children, and treating them like breeding animals or a trophy.

And to add insult to injury, the Islamist point at those suffering, miserable children, and call them ‘irreligious people, kill them’ (Sheikh Ilyas) – (Don’t believe me? Ask any haabee on the street whether Sheikh Ilyas called to kill what he called “muggers, gangsters and thieves”.) and further indoctrinate more gullible fools into treating their children with harshness and callousness. It is a vicious cycle of suffering, pain, crime and drugs that only the strongest dare to break out of. And lo and behold, questioning the Islamist and their lies gets you labeled as an apostate.

If ‘apostasy’ is the way to break out of the cycle of drugs, violence and brainwashing, then I heartily embrace it!.

As long as Male’ remains the central ghetto and as long as those traitor fucktards continue to mass-produce children they know they can’t support (in the name of Jihad, population majority or whatever), the congested, suffering people in it will continue to grow in number. And to prey on their despair, the state-sponsored Islamist are swooping down like vultures, to pick off their humanity and compassion from their bodies, and replacing it with the feces of an illogical fear. It’s to be expected; they are like a cancer, or a pestilence, appearing wherever there is suffering and injustice. Truly, a plot of diabolical proportions, to take over Maldives!.

They are the true source of the monsters.

This article is dedicated to the countless suffering children in Male’, Maldives and across the world who live, fight and die not knowing unconditional love. You will be avenged.

INB4 wahhabopologist gangs calling this ‘sissification’ and ‘effeminate behavior’. 😛


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