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Message to all Non Muslims and skeptics of Islam

Today, 2nd November 2011, our most valuable contributer Bjorn Shopia/Enfiddle’s (goes by both names) Facebook account got hacked by a Pakistani man identifying himself on facebook as “TeChniQue HaXoR”, according to his profile picture he belongs to a Muslim organisation called “Pak Falcons”

They have also hacked various Facebook groups that are critical of Islam and Muhammed. Some of these groups include “Quran and Hadith is Man-Made and I completely reject it” and “Debating islam, (Jihadi, Wahabi, Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Cultural and Ex Muslims only”

Here is the logo of the organization:

It is really sad and frustrating that Muslims are now using the internet as a means of silencing people who are critical of islam, people who use logic and reason to defeat the dangerous ideology that is called Islam.

Muslims, you may think that this is a form of alternative Jihad, a non suicide bombing form of jihad, but hacking people’s Facebook accounts just because they are critical of Islam is an act of intellectual dishonesty. You fail to defeat Ex-Muslims, non Muslims, Skeptics and Atheists in a honest debate so you try to silence them by hacking their Facebook accounts.

I dislike people who do cowardly things like hacking the other person’s account when they have no hope of winning the argument. Muslims will resort to anything to silence their opponents. This includes stealing, hacking, suicide bombing, murder, killing apostates and preventing non Muslims or Ex-Muslims from proselytizing their beliefs.

Therefore I urge the world to be critical of these things and find the truth about Islam. A religion that is violent and bloody. Those who advocate it are no better than a bunch of thugs and gangsters. They would kill people who leave their religion as ‘Allah’ their imaginary friend commanded them to do so.

I would wager that most people who follow Islam, follow it not because they find inner peace, or a sense of well being, but because they are terrorized by the thought of Allah, their imaginary friend putting them in Hell.

Allah: “worship me and and I shall save you from the eternal pain and punishment I am going to give you if you don’t worship me”

Who the fuck do these Muslims think they are? When defeated in an argument they resort to personal threats and insults. When somebody draws a cartoon of their Holey Prophet, the pedophile prophet Muhammad, the whole world seems to engulf in flames. When someone blasphemes about Allah or Islam they get torn to shreds by Muslim Militants. I believe that Islam is a great threat to Freedom of religion, freedom of press and freedom of speech in the world. Therefore I urge All Non Muslims, Ex-Muslims, religious skeptics and closet Atheists to come forward and speak against the bloody cult that call themselves ‘the religion of peace’

To end this blogpost I will quote my friend and mentor Ahmed Aliased who said:

“I believe we’ve pissed off the imperialist occupational islamist wahhabis to the point they’re engaging in cross-border cyberwarfare to stop the flow of truth”


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14 thoughts on “Message to all Non Muslims and skeptics of Islam

  1. hahahaha, its funny coming from a person like you that muslims try to win the argument without any debate then you are wrong and making me laugh. I will advise you to read the scriptures first then try to have an opinion rather. try quote the verses from qura’n not out of text, clear the whole story.
    I dont think propogating the wrong message create distance. chow

    Posted by ♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡ | November 2, 2011, 1:36 PM
  2. this is called internet terrorism, and muslims are quite fond of it, they got my original account, but im still here, and im going nowhere.

    this is a classic example on how tolerant and openminded muslims are. now we have muslims opposing this act, while the muslims who hacked are saying that they did to stop people from opposing against islam.

    you tell me, who is right? according to the Quran you can use terrorism in time of need, like in war, and these muslims believe they are at war, so they resort to such methods in trying to silence us apostates.

    no we will not be silenced, there has been 1400 years of silence, its time we apostates took the stand. and we will not quit. our thoughts will be heard.


    Posted by Bjorn EnFiddle | November 2, 2011, 6:33 PM
  3. It is not only the internet that the muslims are using to deter people from objecting to such a violent religion. They are into kidnapping, car accidents and vandalism, constant phone calls and harasment, stalking, and all kinds of means to scare one away from any kind of action to reveal the truth. Well, the koran is proof enough of their violence. Their actions are proof enough of the violence they believe in. I just found one line that shocked me. Chapter 76 -4 says The unbelievers will be handcuffed and a raging fire awaits them. And yet no action should be taken?

    They are even hijacking the indian film industry and every movie coming out now has a song on Allah or Molla or using the arabic language. But India is an 80% hindu country? The hindi movie industry is now a mixture of english, hindi and urdu making sure the young generation learns to ” tolerate ” them in another fashion.

    I went to a diwali function after a long long time and found the whole event revolting as it had all these vulgar songs and islamic songs to which the young were dancing. No reference to Lord Ram or his connection to the Diwali event celebrated by the hindu world. Now I find my community is having a diwali party inside the muslim community centre.

    How they bribe people to accept their violent religion!

    Posted by madhu | November 27, 2012, 4:29 PM

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