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What Sort of Omnibenevolent and All Merciful Deity?

The only thing that can be accurately said about the character of the abrahamic deity is that it gets worse over time. Prior to the creation of anything, there was no way to determine if it had any good traits. After the creation, it has condoned a slew of morally reprehensible actions.

With the old testament, it consisted of commanding death to those who left the religion and those who did not conform to the status quo, condoned the taking of slaves by those who had just escaped slavery, and had absurd and useless laws, all of which can be punished because he was irresponsible enough to put something which would bring negative consequences to those who consumed it, and each of their descendants, with those who had no compression of what a consequence was, and then went on to commit and order numerous atrocities that in modern times would be be called genocides.

With the new testament, he has compounded it by providing a scapegoat, a human sacrifice, and an ultimatum, summed up as “Accept my forgiveness for actions you had no influence over and hence could not have any responsibility for under any reasonable system, in the form of my sacrificed son to appease my lust for sacrifice. If you don’t accept it, you will be tortured for all of eternity.”

With the Koran, he has compounded it, by praising unquestioning acceptance of what is attributed to him, while condoning and arguably promoting the complete and utter destruction of all of those who don’t accept that interpretation.

In each instance, he has selected the most sadistic or undistinguished from those around them to spread his message.

And after that, he has hidden himself, making even his followers question the claim of his existence, and using the threat of hell to keep them in line, as a deterrent to questioning his existence.

I have to ask, what sort of omnibenevolent and all merciful deity would do so much to consistently to appear omnimalevolent and unimaginably cruel?


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Tend to go over various topics. My main issues are misinformation (especially in things dealing with science) and human rights violations. Might do the odd rant.


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