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Islamic Absurdities

Tips on winning debates for muslims

‎1. Always keep your CAPS Lock on. This way your post will be difficult to read and no one will be able to answer.

2. Whenever someone comes up with a verse from Quran that make you unable to defend, say that it is out of CONTEXT.

3. Whenever someone comes up with a Hadith that makes you unable to answer, say that Hadiths are not reliable.

4. When someone comes up with both Quran and Hadith, say that Quran and Hadiths could be understood in Arabic only.

5. When someone comes up with Quran and Hadith and also proves that he/she understands Arabic, say that these verses are for a time period only and could not be applied today.

6. When you cannot answer any questions, say that Islam is fastest growing religion and soon it will be proven to whole world.

7. When someone comes up with proofs that Islam is not fastest growing religion, say that these figures are biased and by Christians.

8. Paste some videos about Scientific Miracles of Quran from YouTube. When someone proves that these videos are stupid, shout that they are biased.

9. Keep on pasting random verses from Quran irrelevant of topic to divert attention

10. Finally when you are totally on the run, curse and threat people with Hell fire and say that they are not worthy of Islam.

11, if that does not work HACK THEIR ACCOUNTS, and stop them from posting anymore

Dante and Virgil in Hell

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2 thoughts on “Tips on winning debates for muslims

  1. Where are you Bjorn?

    We are concerned about your safety. Awesome article!!

    Posted by Muddy Abbas | February 20, 2012, 4:03 PM

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