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Islam & Science

Quranic Science

Moon in the midst of seven skies
Quran 71:15-16

Stars in the lower/nearest skies
Quran 37:6

There are supposedly seven skies and seven earths
Quran 65:12

Semen comes from the backbone and ribs
Quran 86:7

There is nothing ‘asexual’. Everything is created in pairs.
Quran 51:49

Man thinks with Breast (Heart)
Quran 11:5

Stars are ‘missiles to drive away devils’
Quran 67:5

There are mountains of hail in the sky
Quran 24:43

And the Sun and Moon; both of them float along in its orbit
Quran 21: 33

Moon follows the sun
quran 91:2

Moon has excessive cold
quran 76:13

Moon is the source of light
Qur’an, 71:16

Sun sets in a muddy pool
Quran 18:86

Sun runs to a fixed resting place
Quran 36:38

Man created from a drop emitted
Quran 86:6

Heaven and earth used to be joined together before the big bang
quran 21:30

Created man, out of a mere clot
Quran 96:2
(A blood clot can not grow into life.)

Muslims are protected in mecca
Quran 2:125
(This is false, Juhayman al-Otaybi, Abd-Allah ibn al-Zubayr, and abu Tahir al-Janabi killed thousands of muslim pilgrims without intervention of “baked stones” (Quran 105;4) from Allah. plus there have been natural disasters.)

The sun is not a star
Quran 7:54

Humans created from a single man
Quran 7:189
(Then why are there different races?)

Humans created from clay
Quran 15:26

Earth has invisible pillars keeping up the heavens
Quran 13:2

Earth created in 6 days
Qur’an 50:38

Load onto a boat one pair of each animal species
Quran 11:40
(There are millions of land animals, theres no way 1 man can catch them all to fit on a single boat)

Anything you catch in the sea is lawful for you, and all food from it, for your enjoyment
Quran 5:96
(Many sea creatures are deadly for example the puffer fish? poison dart frog?
marbled cone snail? blue ringed octopus? stonefish?)

He has only forbidden you carrion, blood and pork
Qur’an, 2:173 “”
(Is god irresponsible or foolish? can we eat poisonous animals like box jelly fish?
gila monster? centipide? coral? monksheed? jimson weed? all deadly venomous
can you eat guinea worm?)

Meteors are projectiles aimed at devils
Quran 37:10

Human survives after being swallowed by a fish
Quran 37:142

Humans can fly
Quran 38:36

Birds can speak
Quran 27:16

Earth is a couch
Quran 2:22

Earth is a cradle
Quran, 20:53

Earth is a bed
Quran 78:6
(Earth is everything except a ball. :-p)

The sky is a dome
Quran, 2:22

And the earth We have spread out like a carpet, set thereon Mountains
firm and immovable
Quran 15:19

Earth was created before skies
Quran 2:29

Humans will not be able go into space without gods consent
Quran 55:33
(Dozens of non-theists went into space without leave or permission from god)

Clothed the bones in flesh
Quran, 23:14
(This is false, bones are not formed before flesh. it’s formed simultaneously)

There are no gaps or discrepancies in the universe
Quran 67:3
(This is false, black holes are regions of space from which nothing, including light, can escape.)

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