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The perfect religion of islam.

Muslims claims that islam is perfect, but this perfect religion has 73 different sects, and each sect believes that the rest of the 72 sects are wrong and they kill each other over the quest for who is the true muslim.

so who is the true muslim? which sect? even if you say that you are a good muslim, there are 72 sects that will disagree with you and wants you dead. so is this what perfects means?

islam is such a confused messed up religion (thank god i left this islam). it creates people who will not think twice before hurting you physically or mentally since you do not agree with them, just because you left islam they wants you dead.

even if islam conquered the whole world there will not be peace. these 73 sects will start to kill each other over who is the better muslim. and that will be the end of the meaning of peace.

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I believe all religions are man-made.


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