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Ali Sina on the Maldives.

Dear Ali Sina

I am from the Maldives, a tiny country sitting in the indian ocean. we were Buddhists earlier, but seems and Arab merchant by the name Abul Barakaathul Barbary defeated a sea demon (which came for virgin girls every month) by reciting the whole Quran, and the king was so impressed and the whole country converted to Islam. but we all know the truth and that the Buddhists were butchered by the Islamic sword and the sea demon is just like a story from Quran.

Our country does not allow any religions other than Islam. The constitution says we have to be Sunni Muslims. Recently the first democratically elected president was ousted by a coup. They accused him of being an infidel who is trying to build churches in the Maldives and now we have the militant Islamic movement, which is saying that even moderate Muslims are kafirs.

Recently they tried to murder a fellow apostate for challenging the only Sunni Muslim policy by saying he was a Sufi Muslim. They tried to slash his throat but they did not succeed. It was the 2nd attempt on his life.

This is what we apostates in the Maldives have to live with, in fear and lies, pretending to be Muslims and there is no way out of this place.

Things are going from bad to worse. Now they are trying to implement the death penalty through Sharia, and they are trying so hard to eradicate democracy that give people power.

I wanted to ask you, what is your advice on this situation? I know the moment anyone finds out I am an apostate i will be prosecuted or murdered on the streets before the law can get a hold of me.

You are an inspiration to me. You gave me the knowledge to know what Islam truly is and I have enormous respect for you.


Dear Sophia

On the surface it seems that things are going from bad to worse everywhere.  Quasi secular dictatorships are overthrown in Arab counties only to be replaced by Islamic dictatorships that are thousand times worse.

This is bad in the short run.  But that is what Muslims need to go through to see Islam for what it really is and spit it out for good.

Take the example of Iran.  The Islamic regime in Iran has made most Iranians apostate. If Iranians are given freedom most of them will renounce Islam publicly, even as many of them have done this already privately.

The vast majority of Muslims still have no idea what Islam is. They still have a romantic view of it. Only a true Islamic government can bring them to reality. They must taste the venom of Islam before they spit it out.

The near future is bleak for all Islamic countries. Human rights will be violated and poverty and suffering will increase. Maldives, like Egypt, relies  on tourism for its survival.  This industry in these two countries will suffer badly. People will be impoverished and their Islamic governments will increase pressure to keep them compliant.  Eventually, they will erupt. There will be a lot of killing as Muslim regimes are ruthless. But once freedom is restored Islamic societies will be purged from Islam.

The Islamic regime in Iran is on its last leg. Islamic regimes in other countries will have a shorter life.  I don’t think Islam will survive another twenty years.  Its oppression is becoming unbearable. The Islamic terrorism is on the rise, the Islamic dictatorship is on the rise, the human rights abuses are on the rise, and the non-Muslims are awakening to the threat of Islam.  Something has to give in. Of course many innocent people will be sacrificed before things get better.

What we can do meanwhile is to spread the truth about this evil cult.  We have to do this discretely and anonymously, especially if you live in an Islamic country.  Islam becomes stronger by killing us. Islam is like Dracula, the more blood it drinks the stronger it becomes. You have to first take care of your safety and then use mediums such as the Internet to spread the truth and awaken the  Muslims. If every apostate helps other Muslims to see the light, it won’t take long before we become the majority. There is magic in exponential growth.

Fasten your seat belt as we are about to go through a very turbulent tempest. But be also certain that we will come out of it. We will defeat Islam and behead this monster. Victory will be ours. Stupidity and ignorance cannot stand the truth.

When the UN Human Rights chief called for a public debate in the Maldives on the practice of flogging women accused of extra marital sex, Maldives’ Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem said, “What’s there to discuss about flogging? There is nothing to debate about in a matter clearly stated in the religion of Islam. No one can argue with God.”  Naseem is right. No one can argue with God. The only thing left for us to do is to challenge the authenticity of this Islamic god. Is Allah God or is he the Devil? Is he real or the figment of the sick mind of a mentally disturbed man? This is the only thing left for us to debate.

Those who think Islam can become moderate are either fools or deceivers.  Make no mistake they are the enemy.  People like Holland C. Tylor, Zuhdi Yassser, Tarik Fatah, etc., are deceivers.  They are not our allies.   Once we accept Islam as God’s religion we have to accept all its consequences and submit to people like Naseem.  We can no longer argue with his logic. Those who don’t like the Islamic laws are left with no other option than to denounce this faith of hate altogether.


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I believe all religions are man-made.


7 thoughts on “Ali Sina on the Maldives.

  1. ever since i started to study science I’ve been having grievances and doubts about the religion. at first i was too scared to declare my opinion on certain scientific facts which contradicted with the very roots of Islam but know i wont hesitate even if my life gets in the way. Muslim scholars have no right to shut our mouths and incarcerate us in their belief. this land belongs to as as much as it belongs to them and we must have our rights too. so let us all muster up all our courage and stand up against this slavery. lets do it buddies . lets do it already

    Posted by bullet | August 23, 2012, 10:55 AM
    • that is how we apostates rose, we used logic and common sense with scientific evidence to refute the religion, really happy to hear you are on the right path

      Posted by Bjorn Sophia EnFiddle | August 23, 2012, 12:13 PM
  2. This will not do. Religions is essentially about community formation. Read the history of Christian inqusitions and Protestant reforms. You may have some sense to appreciate the difference between the nihilist and the reformer. Please do not play in the hands of your enemies. Your enemies are the power brokers who do not subscribe to any religion as their religion is only power. All religions teach humanity as it could have been best managed in that particular social anthropological perspective.The human socity has evolved through turbulent times, with or without religion. Do not judge the olden times by the 21st century moral standards, specifically when these standards are being shamelessly violated in Afghanistan, Iraq and many other parts by the so called standard bearers themselves. Please do not forget that majority of the public holidays in so called secular West have a religios orientation. Please also be informed that 80% private schools in US have a religious denomination. Please also learn that infidel is word first applied to the Muslims by the Chrisitian Crusaders. It may also help you to know that the past Muslim empires present the best example of secularism of the ancient world, while in the 15th century Spain the choice was between Christianity and life. Read of the European treatment of Jews even in the Reinssance times. Do not disown your house rather make an unselfish and sincere effort to bring your house in order. Human destiny, at individual as well as collective level, is allabout working out the trade-offs. Please do not trade in your identity and honor of your forefathers in pursuit of the sham of liberalism and please remember that all liberties have their limit and everything in the universe is relative. How on earth you people judge your religion and its people with an absolutist lens. How can you repect other people and their beliefs when you have lost the self-respect as well as the respect for faith that you are born in. Human society is all about cognition and, unfortunately, you poor souls appear to have made a poor, hopeless, unworkable, and alarmingly dangerouswap.s

    Posted by naqeeb jehan | August 26, 2012, 3:58 PM
  3. I lived in Maldives for 3 years and hope to return. I am writing a book about my life there which is on my blog (virginauthor.wordpress.com). In it I talk about what goes on; having said that, I admire the people very much but I say what I see and what I read. Am trying to be balanced. I hope to get my book published next year.

    Posted by Jane Mauret | October 17, 2012, 1:52 AM
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    Posted by Book Maldives | October 28, 2012, 5:57 AM
  5. Hello

    My name is Chloe, i’m a french journalist,
    I have a few questions to ask you, could you send me a mail to chloe.boisserais@gmail.com
    thank you !!

    Posted by chloe boisserais | November 20, 2012, 11:36 AM
  6. It is strange to hear muslims say they did not know their own religion. If you learnt islam, you should know what it says. If you can write in english then you must have heard of all the terrorist activities carried on my muslims all over the world. How do you now come up and say you are an apostate? It is really strange what muslims will use as a tool to defend their being muslim.

    Posted by madhu | November 27, 2012, 4:18 PM

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