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What Sort of Omnibenevolent and All Merciful Deity?

The only thing that can be accurately said about the character of the abrahamic deity is that it gets worse over time. Prior to the creation of anything, there was no way to determine if it had any good traits. After the creation, it has condoned a slew of morally reprehensible actions. With the old … Continue reading

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Message to all Non Muslims and skeptics of Islam

Today, 2nd November 2011, our most valuable contributer Bjorn Shopia/Enfiddle’s (goes by both names) Facebook account got hacked by a Pakistani man identifying himself on facebook as “TeChniQue HaXoR”, according to his profile picture he belongs to a Muslim organisation called “Pak Falcons” They have also hacked various Facebook groups that are critical of Islam and Muhammed. Some … Continue reading

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Happy Ramadan to all apostates!

TROLOLOLOLOLOLO Keep on being awesome!.

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Where the monsters breed.

Maldives is in the grip of a crime wave. The most cruel actions, from murder, rape, physical and psychological violence, to kids sticking cats into abandoned stores and turning the key, just to watch them starve. The political scene is no better; criminals preying on the minds of the weak and gullible. There is no … Continue reading

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